Micronesia Project '97
This project is optional program of Eilnet
coordinator Mikio Kimata and Takako Takano

* What is this project for?

Using the internet with people who live in various places on earth, we'll have the crosscultural experiences and consider the environment. To follow your dream for the future, you need to think what you could do and to act for it.

Through this project, you will deepen and widen your view to the world and life.

* An Adventure on a southern island

I'm TAKANO Takako. I am going to the island called " Woleai", which it is exactly an atoll surrounded by coral reef.

Men on the island wear a loincloth called "thu", and women wear a different clothing called "lava-lava"

The United States had governed Woleai as well as other Yap States islands till recently. Though the people use US dollars, they don't need cash on their daily life generally. They take some kinds of potatoes, fruits on the island, and fish from the sea.

Electricity, telephone, and motor have been coming into this island recently. On the other hand, people resolved to regulate using them. Why do you think they do so? I'd like to think about it with you.

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