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Join WSN. Talk with friends in the world !
All parties interested in developing environmental learning on a global scale are highly welcome to be a part of our world wide projects. Elementary, middle, and high schools, clubs, community groups and families are already enjoying communicating with each others.

International Forum 2004 "Creating Sustainable Communities: Discussion with Global Partners"
World School Network, a division of ECOPLUS, is hosted its International Forum "Creating Sustainable Communities: Discussion with Global Partners" from February 14th through 15th at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo, and in Tochikubo Village, Niigata, Japan.

Alliance of Global School Networks born
World School Network participated in a meeting of Global School Networks Alliance at World Summit on the Information Society, WSIS, held in Geneva, on 12th December 2003. All of participants agreed to go forward to set up a global alliance of school networks together.

Event: Indigenous Culture and Environmental Education
From the field in Northeast India---Endeavors of Environmental Lawyer Amba Jamir

World School Network's parent organization, "ECOPLUS", held an open lecture by environmental lawyer Mr. Amba Jamir at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Tokyo, Japan, from 14:30 to 17:00. Over 20 joined the lecture, including participants from Japan, America and Australia. Mr. Jamir explained about life and the rich nature found in indigenous communities in Northeastern India and introduced activities of his self-started NGO. (see full details)

WSN Summer Workshop
Connecting Communities Globally through Environmental Education
WSN's summer workshop was held from August 3rd to 6th in Shiozawa, Niigata, Japan. Over 20 participants from India, Singapore, and all over Japan gathered. To kickoff the program, Professor ABE Osamu, a leader in Japan's environmental education and local to Shiozawa, gave a lecture. An audience of almost 100 gathered to hear him speak about "Environmental Education and Community Development." On day 2 of the workshop, participants experienced the dynamics of life in rural Tochikubo, debate, and interaction with international participants via TV conference.

Spring Navigators' Meeting!

WSN teachers and navigators met at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Tokyo on May 4th and 5th to discuss collaborative learning for the semester to come.

Growing with Global Minds : International Symposium

World School Network hosted its annual international symposium in Tokyo on 9th, February, having participating students from Russian Mission School, Alaska, U.S.A., Kfar Qassem and Ha Yovel Junior High School in Israel. With Japanese partners, children discussed characteristics of their communities and wisdom to have a sustainable and peaceful life on our common earth. Adults engaged in discussion about how to support new generations in becoming global minded people.

Rice Polishing, Taste Testing and Poster Making: Rice Groups Working Hard
Kashimura Elementary School children from Okayama Prefecture have challenged themselves by making their own rice paddy at school, as well as by threshing and polishing rice the old fashioned way. They are full of ideas, such as using a softball in a bowl and a large bottle to polish their rice. They have also been exchanging ideas with children from World School Honjo who grew rice too. How did each of their hard grown rice taste? On the other hand, Tokyo's Kokusaigakuen High School has been shocked by the fact that Japanese are eating less and less rice. They promote more rice consumption with their "Let's eat rice" posters. (See picture.)

Participant Video Footage
Recently videotapes from groups in Alaska, USA and Israel that will be participating in this year's International Symposium (to be held Feb. 8th) have sent in videos to the WSN office. The feel for each of their communities is articulated very well and the footage allows one to see the children and their activities up close. The video footage will help bring the groups' reports to life and lead to deeper interaction on line, so please have a look. Those interested should contact the WSN office.

Students from the Russian Mission School in Alaska, located along the Yukon River, are engaged in experiential learning which has them out in Alaska's harsh nature learning to survive. Learning traditional self-subsisting hunting and fishing methods, students are active in Alaska's nature.

This is the second video from Environmental Correspondent MURAHASHI Mari. The video is full of footage: family olive picking, pickle making, 1 square meter project, a visit to a Kibbutz and much, much more.

Picture of your Palate to the World
What did you eat for Christmas? What about New Years?
In "Food and Farm" children have started reporting about foods eaten during the holiday season in their homes. What we eat on special occasions varies from region to region. There may be regional and traditional characteristics to these foods. Just your ordinary, average meal is also very welcome in "Food and Farm." Before you eat it all, take a picture of your meal and give us a full report!

My School
Reports have be uploaded about schools from Kashimura Elementary, Okayama Prefecture, Japan and the Usui Family in the U.K. Schools constructed out of wood and schools with no walls or doors. Making sure not to be too loud is an issue at both schools. What are your schools like?

Recent "World School Network News"

People, Nature, and Discussions
Summer workshop in Shiozawa, Japan

World School Network's Educator Summer Environmental Workshop was held from August 2nd to 5th in Shiozawa, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Participants (5 from America and over 30 from all over Japan) energetically discussed how to communicate the relationships between people and nature as well as how to develop projects with global perspective that connect children worldwide..

"Exploration for Wisdom" goes to the World
An expedition, looking for "wisdom" to realize environmental friendly life, goes to the world. The first stage is the United States. WSN's environmental correspondent, Greg Michel, starts his one month journey on 18th May from New York City. With his experience, walked through Japan islands for 3 years, Greg is reporting about American nature, culture, and human. His reports appear in WSN's on-line database, "Wisdom-Base".

"Keep our river clean !!" A video message arrived.
A video message has arrived from Okamoto Kita Elementary School at Tochigi. Strong voices to protect a river called "YAGAWA" near school from litter. Other participants are also sending video messages to other participants. All of us on WSN are waiting for your message with video !! ==> to index for video messages.Video files are in QuickTime format. You need to have QuickTime

"Child-centered" and "Video" will be the keys
World School Network's (WSN) 2001 yearlong program got of to a fresh start with its annual Kick-off Meeting held in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, on April 27-28. (Full Story)

WSN2000 International Symposium! WSN hosted the International Symposium in 2000 at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center on Feb. 10(Sat.) . About 150 people including 20 students from the participating groups took part in this symposium. (Full Story)

"Exploration for Wisdom/Western Japan"
Greg finished his 100-day-walk over 1,540 km on 17th December 2000. (Full Story)
Reports from WSN Participants
Take a look at students' very unique reports!

Wisdom Home-Town Restaurant
Collection of interesting dishes that Greg encounted during walk. All look delicious and unique!
Children Point
Participants groups' environmental study with Greg

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