Special Event

Indigenous Culture and Environmental Education
From the field in Northeast India

Endeavors of Environmental Lawyer Amba Jamir

  • Speaker: Amba JAMIR

  • Date/time: September 28, 2003 (Sun.) 14:30〜17:00

  • Venue: National Olympics Memorial Youth Center
    Center Bldg. Rm. 416(MAP)

  • Organized by: NPO ECOPLUS

  • Participants:
    Anyone interested in environmental education with a global perspective, or interested in World School Network and Eco-Club activities.

  • Content:
    Environmental educator and communicator, Mr. Amba Jamir, will be speaking about life in indigenous communities in Northeast India and environmental education that utilizes the wisdom of such cultures.

    Amba also has a degree in law with an additional diploma in environmental law. His interests include issues related to environment & development, training, documentation of indigenous knowledge systems, networking and development of environment education and communication materials.

    Mr. Jamir is from Northeast India which has a wealth of nature and traditions. Utilizing such nature and the traditional knowledge of a multiple of cultures, the region has been quite self-sufficient. However, in recent years there has been a tendency to rely on government aid and development assistance.

    Mr. Jamir established The Missing Link in order to help people realize the value of their cultures and that they can support their own culture. The Missing Link works on several projects that focus on rediscovering traditional knowledge. Examples include biodiversity contests and workshops that capitalize on the wealth of community elders' knowledge.

    On the 28th Amba will share about living and the environment in Northeast India, the road which led him to create The Missing Link, and specific examples of activities being carried out.

    *Northeast India
    Northeast India comprises only a miniscule amount of India's entire land area but is habitat to a wealth of biodiversity and culture. There are 32 national parks and sanctuaries within its borders. The primarily mountainous region is connect to India by a narrow strip of land and surrounded by Tibet, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal. Many diverse tribes live maintaining their unique cultures.

  • Schedule
    • 14:30 Introduction
    • 14:45 Indigenous Culture and Environmental Education:
      from the field in Northeast India
    • 15:45 Break
    • 16:00 Open discussion
    • 17:00 Conclusion

  • Profile:
    Amba JAMIR is Director of The Missing Link - Society for Environment and Communication, Northeast India.
    His responsibilities include planning and implementing NGO support programs, training, networking and developing projects related to community-based environment education, development communication and capacity building programs.

    He is also a consultant and trainer for community-based environment education and development communication programs. Besides being a member of the IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication, Amba Jamir is a Member of National Steering Committee (UNDP/GEF Small Grants Program) Ministry of Environment & Forests,Government of India. As a LEAD fellow, he is interning at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies as a LEAD intern in Japan until October, 2003.

  • Participation: free of charge

  • Language: English. As time is short, translation to Japanese will be limited to summary of main content.

  • Sign Up: Those interested in participating should contact the office via e-mail, or phone, 03-5294-1441.

  • Deadline: September 26 (Fri.). Please notify us as soon in advance as possible. It is possible to show up on the 28th however we would appreciate you contacting us. The office can be contacted at 090-2478-5119 on the day of the event. Ask for Greg.

  • The latest information on the event will be posted here on this site.

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