Special Event

Shifting Options:
Communicating for a Sustainable Future

My name is Amba Jamir. I will be sharing with you today about what we do. I say "we" because it's not just my world, but my whole team, colleagues and partners in India and our partners in other parts of Southeast Asia. The title itself is "Communicating for Sustainable Development. " Notice I don't want to use the word "education." Often education coincides with formal education. Education is also usually not acceptable to policy makers. They say, "We know enough. You don't have to educate us." Or, "I'm educated, so you don't have to tell us." So, we just talk about communicating with people. When we talk about communicating, it has to be a two way process. It's never top-down or bottom-up; It's always two way. So the title itself is Communicating for Sustainable Development.

About 25 people gethered for this event. Mr. Amba explains his activities in India. One participants questions Mr. Amba.

When we say "options" we don't have one single alternative or one single option. Options are never permanent. They keep evolving and advancing to changes that are happening around us. So again that is a reality that is happening with communities that we work with. We have options but options are not always the best options, or not necessarily the ultimate option. They keep changing.

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