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Oct 07, 2002
Let's join in "One Day Food Survey"

Let's Do a Food Survey!
In the WSN "Food and Farm" Forum, Kokusai Gakuen High School is calling out to other participants to collaborate in a "One Day Food Survey;" it is about to begin. Participants will survey their own foods, what their foods are made from, how they cook, etc., and compare with friends worldwide. We may make new discoveries about cultures and diversities through our daily foods. Schools in Kyoto, Japan, Tokushima, Japan, and Israel are participating. How about joining them in their food survey? Here is a result of Food Survey in 1998.

Reports Kick off from Israel Phase of "Exploration for Wisdom"
What do we know about Israel's nature, its food, and its towns? The environmental correspondent for our adventures this time around is former World School Network Staff MURAHASHI Mari. Currently Mari is reporting to WSN's "Kids' Wisdom-Base" about the nature, food and trash in Israel as an introduction to the project. Shortly WSN kids from Israel will appear and Exploration for Wisdom will come to its full start.

New Forums in "Kids' Wisdom-Base"
Four new forums have been added to the "Kids' Wisdom-Base." "Discover My Town", "Food and Farm", "Water and Land" are the stages for WSN project circles. Reports from the WSN adventure project "Micronesia Project" are now posted in "Micronesia Reports." Please have a new look at reports about Micronesian culture which values nature and reports about trash problems.

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