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Oct 15, 2002
One Square Meter Project Kicks Off

One Square Meter Project Kicks Off
Students from Okamoto-Kita Elementary School have responded to Wyalusing High School's invitation to carry out a "One Meter Project" by starting their activities. Marking off a 1 square meter area with bamboo poles, Okamoto-Kita children caught bugs within the area, counted them and cataloged all types of bugs found. They plan to carry out the survey in wetlands as well as along a nearby river. In Japan groups may look at 1 square meter in a rice paddy, in fields or alongside rivers. In Alaska participants will look at 1 square meter of tundra, in Pennsylvania, USA, the rolling hillsides as well as a wetland project near school. Learning about the soils and insects that inhabit the world and their relationship to water is just beginning. Reports will be appeared at "Water and Land".

Video from Israel
"Exploration for Wisdom: the World" Israel Phase has entered its second week. Video footage that accompanies the numerous reports being uploaded has arrived at the WSN office!

There is an abundance of learning material which complements activities in the "Food and Farm," "Discover My town," and "Water and Land" project circles.@The Tel Dan River, the Dead Sea, middle east food culture such as shwarma, hummus, dates, etc. and a visit to a Kibbutz community and much, much more footage are included.

An English dubbed version of the video will be available to interested participant groups soon. Contact us if you are interested.

Gifts to Israel
As we get deeper into the Israel Phase, participant groups from various parts of Japan are sending gifts related to Food project to friends in Israel.

  • Nakumura Elementary, Tochigi Prefecture: Shrimp flavored beans, dried natto (fermented soy beans), peanuts, and yuzu (citron) jam Li>Hagiwara Elementary School, Aichi Prefecture: Kiyoshi tea, shrimp rice crackers, red miso (soy paste for soup), yakinori (seaweed)
  • Elementary School Attached to the College of Education, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa Prefecture: Sea water, black sugar, dried pineapple sweets, chinsuko cookies
  • Rikkyo Elementary, Tokyo: Kaminari okoshi
  • Momoyama Junior High School Attached to Kyoto University of Education,Kyoto: Ponkashi (Japanese sweet)Aslices of flattened rice cake (kirimochi), Uji green tea, soybean flour, non-wash rice, Japanese pepper (sansho)
It will be interesting to see what kind of reaction comes back.s full start.

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