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Oct 22, 2002
Message after message from Israel

Message after message from Israel
"Exploration for Wisdom: the world's" Israel Phase is off to a full start. Israel's Kfar Qassem (see picture) and Ha Yovel Junior High Schools have appeared in "About Members," "Food and Farm," and the "Children's Plaza."
In "Wisdom in the World," former WSN staff, MURAHASHI Mari, continues to report from Israel. See her latest: "The Dead Sea is Dying."

One-day project: "Food Survey" on the GO!
Kfar Qassem and Ha Yovel Junior High Schools' food surveys appear in "Food and Farm". Many children report of eating a lot of cereals and breads. There was also a report about boiled egg dipped in olive oil.

How about seeking new discovery by comparing and re-examining your daily diets with friends from all over the world.

New Members
New World School Network friends are introducing themselves in "About Members." Many new faces are appearing in WSN's "Kids' Wisdom-Base." We can look forward to active interaction. Don't forget to upload your own introductions in "About Members."

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