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Nov 05, 2002
Active "Home Town Restaurant"

Active "Home Town Restaurant"
There are many new reports in "Home Town Restaurant," where students are introducing traditional dishes and boasting about their local and family foods. All of the dishes look delicious.

  • "Cornbread" (Cleveland Quality School, USA)
    The cornbread that you all love so much is said to be a traditional food which gave birth in the American south.
  • "Chinbin" & "Foo Chample" (World School Honjo, Japan)
    In Saitama Prefecture, Japan student gave a try at two Okinawan dishes. How do you think they turned out?
  • "Traditional Arab Treats" (Kfar Qassem, Israel)
  • "Pickled Olives" (Israel)

Israel-Japan Food Exchanges
In "Food and Farm" students from Israel and Japan that have exchanged local foods are sharing their opinions. Friends from Ha Yovel Middle School tell in detail about what the did and didn't like, as well as what they can't eat because of religious reasons.
Dates are popular in Japan right now (at least amongst WSN participant groups). Students from Nakamura Elementary shared the opinion that dates are very similar to dried persimmons commonly eaten in Japan. These popular, sweet and delicious dates have also appeared several times in "Wisdom in the World" reports by environmental correspondent MURAHASHI Mari.
The sweet fruits appear in the bible and are eaten at new years. She also finds a toilet in the desert surrounded by date leaf walls. Try searching for "dates" in the Wisdom-Base. There are plenty of interesting entries!

"Hello from America"
The Cleveland Quality School, Minnesota, USA, which was visited by Greg in "Exploration America" in June, has appeared in "About Members." The students who played a big role in Greg's report about Ames Lake have already carried out their own 1 meter project.@In addition, Georgia, USA's Loyd Elementary School has also uploaded a description of the Halloween holiday in the USA.

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