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Dec 12, 2002
Native Japanese Loach and Guppies"

Native Japanese Loach and Guppies on the Scene!
In "Water and Land" reports about lefua echigonia (a native Japanese loach feared to be nearing extinction[see picture]) and the invasive guppy appear. Kids are discovering how many living creatures live in the confined space of one meter and starting activities to protect the rivers that these creatures live in.

What is Local Food?
Recipes for America's blueberry muffins, Okinawa's (Japan) "a-sa-jiru" (a pork based soup) and many others have been posted in "Home Town Kitchen." In "Food and Farm," Kyoto kids (see picture) report about "daifuku" (sweet, soft rice cakes). Groups are beginning to boast about their local foods.

How about reporting about your favorite local foods too?

WSN Groups and Alumni Active Online!
New information is being uploaded to the Wisdom-Base by groups worldwide, such as the Usui Family in Scotland, Battle Creek and Cleveland Quality Schools in Minnesota, U.S.A., Russian Mission School in Alaska, U.S.A. and Loyd in Georgia, U.S.A. Starting this year, WSN Alumni are active in "Kids' Wisdom-Base."

In addition, the experiences of veteran World Schoolers are being shared and past projects continues.
In "Children's Plaza" WSN alumni commented on controversial development issues in Iriomote Island, Japan. Another alumni gave advice and encouraged kids from Kamidohri Elementary in their pursuit to learn how to teach their "wisdom."

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