WSN International Symposium
Guest Educators

Robbie Nicol
Lecturer, Outdoor and environmental education section, School of Education, the University of Edinburgh
Dr. Nicol's research focuses on outdoor education for sustainable living. He certified as an instructor in canoeing/kayaking, mountaineering and skiing and is involved in professional development projects focusing on learning in the context of landscapes.
Amba Jamir

Director, The Missing Link
Amba's responsibilities include planning and implementing NGO support programs, training, networking and developing projects related to community-based environment education, development communication and capacity building programs. Besides being a member of the IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication, Amba Jamir is a Member of National Steering Committee (UNDP/GEF Small Grants Program) Ministry of Environment & Forests,Government of India.

Majed Eassa

Waste Water and Agroecology Coordinator, Small Triangle Town Association for Environmental Quality
By profession Mr. Eassa is a waste water and agroecology coordinator in his community and has worked as a volunteer with a WSN participant group since 2000. Mr. Eassa has been instrumental in establishing WSN activities in his community and to create a joint Arab-Jewish project with Ms. Yamazaki which focuses on the environment.

Esther Yamazaki

Teacher, Ha Yovel Junior High School
Ms Yamazaki is a junior high school teacher by profession and has participated in WSN activities with a school club since 2001. Ms. Yamazaki has been instrumental in establishing WSN activities in her community and to create a joint Arab-Jewish project with Mr. Eassa which focuses on the environment.
Peter Mwaura Mutua

Representative, Jkuat/Student of Horticulture, Jomo Kenyatta University Mr. Mwaura has participated in WSN activities as a navigator of JKUAT, a self-formed group, since he was a third year university. While attending university he manages to work with local children in Kenya on issues such as recycling, tree planting, and campaigns to reduce trash.
Oscar Rodriguez Rios

Teacher, Telesecundaria School, Teotitl, Oaxaca
Mr. Rodriquez is a former Japan Ministry of Education scholar at Tokyo Gakugei University. He currently teaches at different rural communities in different parts of Oaxaca, Mexico. Oaxaca is one of the biggest states in Mexico and rich in biodiversity, as well as great culture and traditions that are still conserved today. He works with students, partner teachers and communities to rescue traditions, customs, and environment of the region.
West Bank, Palestine
Nina Gedeon

Teacher, Terra Sancta School
Ms. Gedeon acts as a junior high school teacher and is in charge of the school's environment club. She and her students have become a very active WSN participant group and are currently working on issues such as: solid waste, food in Palestine and food pollution, water pollution, and environmental library.

Papua New Guinea
Susan Ewen

Program Assistant, Nature Society PNG
Having worked with the Nature Society for 7 years, Ms. Ewen currently works as program assistant. Her work consists of managerial assistance as well as community outreach and awareness programs, assistance in marine education programs as well as curriculum development.

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