WSN2000 International Symposium!

WSN hosted the International Symposium in 2000 at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center on Feb. 10(Sat.) . About 150 people including 20 students from the participating groups took part in this symposium. In the morning, Gregory Michael, WSN Environment Correspondent, gave the presentation on the environment study and international friendship he has made with the students all over he world through his adventure, "Wisdom Report to the future /The Western Japan".

After his speech,the presentation was made by the students of elementary and junior high schools, who belong to "Humans and Wildlife" circle;

The students of Nakano 7th Junior high school in Tokyo, Heiwa Junior high school in Uenohara Machi, and Okamoto-Kita elementary school in Kawachi-Machi reported together about how to co-exist with black bass. All the participants were debating on " Making good use of VS. Getting rid of "black bass. They could deepen their understanding on them by exchanging the various ideas.

In the afternoon, the panel discussion was held named "Wisdom in Japan to be reserved in 21st century". The participants asked the panelists many different types of questions one after another.

The schools which were given this year's World School Network Award are follows; The students Nakano 7th junior high school in Ward, Ecofamily, and Momoyama junior high school received prizes for excellence in their works. The encouraging prizes were given to the students of Okamoto-Kita elementary school in Kawachi-Machi, Heiwa junior high school in Uenohara-Machi, and Tokyo Kokusai-Gakuen.

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