Finish to the West End

100-day-walk over 1,540 km

Gregory Michel, an environmental correspondent on World School Network, finished his walk from Tokyo over 100 days since September 9th, at 3:45 p.m. Sunday, 17th December.

He passed more than 1,540 kilo meters only by his feet, encountering many warm locals having opportunities to learn and share many of "wisdom" the Japanese has been succeeding in order to have harmonious lives with its environment. He sent out not only daily reports but also many replies to inquiries from kids in the world.

On the last day, 6 pupils from Cyofu Junior High School in Shimonoseki City, joined Greg, and they were looking for "wisdoms" in that very old castle town, checking water quality or visiting an old temple.

The goal point was also a ruin of old castle and from the top of the hill, Greg observed his next island in the new century, Kyusyu, the western island of Japan, feeling his long way from north edge of Japan.

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