Adventure Project
"Exploration for Wisdom/Western Japan"

What is Exploration for Wisdom?

Exploration for Wisdom is an Environmental Learning project in which all of WSN and WSN environmental correspondent engage in a walking adventure searching for "wisdom for the future" and transmitting their message to the world via the Internet.

WSN's environmental correspondent will send reports that share innovations to coexist with nature discovered in each region walked through as "wisdom to be passed on into the future". Upon receiving such messages, the children of WSN search for wisdom in their own communities and deepen their own ideas. The project aims for participating children to think collaboratively about creating a society which utilizes such wisdom.

Wisdom sought in Exploration for Wisdom isc Innovations to live together with nature found in the lives of people living in various regions

WSN Environmental Corespondent
The environmental correspondent for the project is Gregory Michel(26), currently enrolled in a master's program in education at Tokyo Gakugei University. In 1999 Greg spent four months trekking approximately 1650 kilometers >from Hokkaido (in northern Japan) to Tokyo, during which he and the children of WSN discovered plenty of wisdom to be passed on into the future through encounters with many people. This year, Greg is scheduled to leave Tokyo carrying his tent, walking approximately 20km a day, and arrive in Shimonoseki in mid-December. The project is to continue next year from Shimonoseki and continue through Shikoku, Kyushu and finish in Okinawa.


Over the course of three years WSN environmental correspondent will walk >from Hokkaido to Tokyo (1999), Tokyo to Shimonoseki (2000), and from Shimonoseki to Okinawa (scheduled for 2001). As the environmental correspondent walks two types of points will be visited: "Wisdom Points" and "Children Points".

Scheduled Points

  • Wisdom Points Exciting points that will correspond with WSN Yearlong Project Circle themes.

    WSN will spend a few days at each point experiencing regional life and nature, participating in activities, and will summarize local wisdom and report debatable issues relative to project circle content in reports.

    WSN children can contact WSN Environmental Correspondent directly during these points as well as have a say in the development of the actual point. Each point is designed to incite students to learn more in each of their respective project circles.

    Themes to be introduced at Wisdom Points can be seen in the "Wisdom Point Chart" in this booklet.

    Suggestions from participant groups are being accepted now.

  • Children Points WSN Environmental Correspondent will stop by WSN participant group locations and join them in their activities.
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