Children Point
HIDEYOSHI "At school(especially junior and senior high), students usually just listen to their teachers and take notes. But in this project, it was quite different. For instance, the students visited and interviewed some people, and walked around practically, took photos, organized what they had learned, and told younger children about their study."

Kumenan Media Lab "It usually seems that foreign countries, especially Western countries are great. But we wished children to have a chance to be taught and consider what is good of Japan for foreigners."

Ashimori Junior High School "Exploring wisdom was not a mere field activity but a regional study. In the region, there are much wisdom and treasure like nature and culture. " v

Momoyama Junior High School "The children who joined the search for wisdom with Greg, were surprised with the fact that there was a lot of wisdom in their familiar environment, and decided to re-examine the local area. Those children who did not join the search, heard form those who did, and managed to get an idea on how to conduct their future wisdom searches."

Heiwa Junior High School "I was surprised with the students' reactions.First of all, I was surprised that the students expressed their awareness of energy issues, not only because we joined quite recently, but also because they usually showed little reaction. "

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