Exploration for Wisdom: the world
America Phase
sponsored by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership

In order to help catch students interest, WSN will carry out "Exploration for Wisdom: the world" as its annual adventure project.
Starting in mid-April with the U.S.A, adventures in Israel, Vietnam and the U.K. will take place after semesters start in September. Students will be able to request that WSN correspondents report about topics of interest related to their project circle discussions.

In connection with this project, "Exploration America," a one-year project sponsored by the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership will also take place. To start the project off, Greg Michel will visit with World School friends in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, as well as his hometown in Upstate New York. In addition teachers will be invited to collaborate in a summer workshop in Japan in late July.


  • 5/18 Fly from Japan to New York.
    Greg will look for "slow food" in New York City. What is the difference of slow foods in the US and in Japan ?

  • 5/20`26 Clinton Village, NY
    Greg will walk through his home town, and visit an elementary school and a high school where he will introduce video messages from Japan's WSN schools. He also plans to visit organic farms.

  • 5/27`6/2 Dushore, PA
    Move to Pennsylvania along the Erie Canal. A member of Design Team of WSN, Jerry Christy will join Greg to visit schools in that area. Agriculture, towns and food will be the main themes.

  • 6/3`6/12 Minneapolis, MN
    Head to the west along The Great Lakes. Visit Center for Global Enviromental Education, Hamlin University. Themes will be river, water, and life. May be visiting to the headwaters of the Mississippi river.

  • 6/13`6/18 Clinton Village, NY Summarize the trip, he will spend some days in his home town before going back to Japan.

Any question for Greg ?
WSN is waiting as many questions, or requests for Greg on his trip in the US. From Israel, Hong Kong, South Africa, France and even from US, you may ask and join Greg's journey to look for "Wisdom" to live sustainable.

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