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    WSN is a future oriented learning environment which connects classrooms, their teachers, and local communities worldwide. While utilizing computer technology and the Internet, World School fosters an approach to environmental issues with a global perspective. Interaction via networking allows for diverse discussion of topics, while experience-based action plans lead to positive action for the design of our future.

    Participating groups base their activities on themes concerning the surrounding environments of their respective communities, thus deepening children's interest in nature. By reporting group activities to participants from other groups, sharing comments concerning each others' activies, and interacting through telecommunications, children turn their eyes to the connections and diversity of the global environment.

    In addition, classrooms are linked with adventure sites during World School's adventure projects. Adventurers place themselves in special parts of the world where they experience and accept the wonders of different cultures and send messages from those who live in harmony with nature. Children discover many diverse ways of life in the world and seek out answers for how their future society should be created.

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    In 2003 schools and groups from the UK, US, France, Kenya, Singapore, India, Israel, Mexico, Japan and other countries are participating. Applications for participation in 2003 are being accepted now.

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